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Nelson Dellis.

A great mind teaching the world to think alike.

Nelson Dellis is a
hard man to forget.

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Nelson is 5-time USA memory champion. Who can:

  • Memorize a full shuffled deck of cards in 60 seconds.
  • Learn more than 300 random numbers in five minutes.
  • Read a book in a day.
  • And solve a Rubik's Cube with his eyes closed.

Taking feats of memory to
new heights - and depths.

Nelson is always looking to take his mental gymnastics into new territory.

From the rarefied air at the peak of Mount Everest. To the deep end of a swimming pool in his native Miami.

In 2021 Nelson set a new Guinness World Record for memorizing cards - fully submerged under water.

Nelson Dellis on a mountain

Inside the mind of Nelson.

Hear more from the man himself. And discover the secrets of his success...

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Nelson Dellis

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